Do you have a story to tell? Whether you need a single photo that communicates with impact, or complex photo essays that illuminate the many facets of an event, social situation or commercial enterprise, we would be delighted to hear about it.

If an assignment isn't up our alley, or if we feel we cannot truly fulfill your needs, we will tell you so up front. After all, life is just too short to spend time in mismatched partnerships or undertakings.

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Do You Have a Story to Tell?

In essence, we consider ourselves storytellers. We work hard to make our images talk. And we do believe that our approach to photography is one that aligns to the social and commercial needs of a post-Information age. As futurist Rolf Jensen wrote in his international bestseller, The Dream Society, "The sun is setting on the Information Society - even before we have fully adjusted to its demands as individuals and as companies." And what follows, he added, is a new era in which businesses, communities and individuals will thrive, not just on data or information, but on the basis of their stories. (We've discussed this important social trend at some length with Mr. Jensen.)

Our brand of photography is best described as true documentary and documentary-style photography (which is what we call set-up photos created to have a documentary look and feel). This photographic style offers powerful storytelling possibilities that can be harnessed by any client with a message to deliver or a story to tell. Today, this includes virtually any organization seeking to influence customers or supporters. We believe that the right photographs can help to tell the powerful stories that need telling.

"Companies of the future will have to differentiate themselves from their competition by creating stories about who they are and what they stand for. Stories that appeal to the very heart of the consumer. The company with the best story will win."

- Rolf Jensen in The Dream Society


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