In a world of flux, photographs can give us a sense stability. How often have we accepted the portrait of the famous as a true representation of their essence, or at least one facet of their persona? Indeed, the great photograph seems to capture something beyond the moment - an insight, a sense of mystery or foreboding, an understanding beyond words as if a window looking into the intangible.

Of course, not every photograph taken by even the greatest photographers of the past century achieves such lofty ideals. But what we aspire to as photographers perhaps gives a sense of how we approach each and every assignment.

The Power of Photography
Photos That Change the World
Do You Have a Story to Tell?

"Ever since chisel was taken to slate, it has been accepted that words can and do change the world. Whether it be the Torah, the New Testament or the Koran, the Magna Carta or the Declaration of Independence, J'Accuse, Oliver Twist or Catch-22, Common Sense or Silent Spring, the effect of words can reach so many hearts and minds that it impacts the human condition and the course of mankind. Speeches incite, editorials persuade, poems inspire. Can photographs perform similarly?"

- The editors, 100 Photographs That Changed The World (Time-Life Books)

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As an old Chinese sage once said, the longest journey begins with the first step. Wonderful photographs come about because someone set out to create meaningful, communicative images. As such, we relish opportunities to undertake assignments which offer us the potential of making a real difference to your company, organization or to the society in general.

If one of our photographers undertakes an assignment, he or she works hard to deliver not just excellent results, but images whose excellence can stand the test of time. We want our photographs to move mountains, or at least move the people who see them- today, tomorrow, and perhaps even in the years to come.

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